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Join a SWAT Team

(Search With A Team)

At Launch Pad we know how isolating the job search can be. That is why our motto is “Job Searching is Too Scary to Do Alone.” Our weekly meeting is a great way to start, but that is not enough; we know there needs to be an immediate support system for you during this challenging time. That is the reason we created our program known as SWATs—Search With A Team. SWATs are small groups of six in the same or similar industry who meet weekly to: share job leads, hold mock interview practice, discuss salary negotiation, and just basically provide a support group in which you can safely vent your frustrations or share your little victories of the week. Having an accountability buddy is a good way to go, but having a team supporting you (and pushing you) in your job search is, we believe, even better.

Our SWATs are set up by industry in accordance with the majority industries represented by the demographics of the job club. Should our demography change, we will gladly add more categories.


Check the drop down in the form on this page to see the current categories. Some vocations may not have enough interest currently to have their own dedicated grouping.


As SWAT Teams grow we will add more groupings for specific vocations by category and those that aren't big enough yet will be grouped together in a general category group so everyone can participate.

Thanks for registering!

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