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Launch Pad Job Club Membership

Looking for a job is way too scary to do alone. That is why we make it easy to become a member. Simply attend a free meeting – in person or virtually – and fill out our
New Member Form and you are considered a member. 

By attending a meeting, you will also benefit from the combined resources of other interesting, intelligent, supportive, and talented professionals as you all help one another survive the challenges of the job hunt.

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While our meetings and classes are fully free to you as a member, we ask for your support to access "the good stuff" in our Member Portal.

By "the good stuff" we are referring to: resume templates to beat the Applicant Tracking Systems; LinkedIn and how best to utilize it; how to apply for Unemployment Compensation; recommended career coaches; networking advice; training resources (many free!); excellent job search tools; and access to our YouTube library of past speakers.


Look below to access pricing. Because you're most likely unemployed while seeking employment, we've priced access to the Member Portal to work with the budget of someone now unemployed. Well worth the investment!


To learn more about access to the member portal, or if you have any questions regarding it, please contact job club Executive Director Shannon Mantrom at