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Looking for Talent? We have It!

With over 18,000 members since 2001, Launch Pad Job Club is an excellent resource for skilled professionals. Launch Pad members are degreed and experienced professionals from diverse fields: engineering; software development; web development; programming; project management; mid and upper management; research; testing; quality assurance; sales; marketing; accounting….and many more.

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Take advantage of our FREE job board! The first time you post you’ll need to set up a profile. After that, simply log in and post away! No commission-only, minimum wage, or MLM roles please.


Join our private Launch Pad Job Club and Alumni LinkedIn group! Upon your request’s approval, you’ll have access to more than 4,000 members, both current job seekers and working alumni. When reaching out to a member of the group, we suggest putting this as your email or message subject line: “Found you in Launch Pad LinkedIn group.” Sharing that info right off the bat better guarantees your message will be answered, especially when reaching out to employed job club alumni. 

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Recruiters are always welcome and encouraged to drop by our weekly Friday morning meeting, either in person or over Zoom. Show up or log in by 10 am to make your announcement around 10:15 am. Click the link below to check our calendar for upcoming meeting information, dates and locations. 


Our goal at Launch Pad is supporting our members in their job search. One aspect of that support is directly connecting them to companies who are hiring. Our “Employer at Club” program is a shortcut we offer you by taking the job description you share with us, sharing it with our members, and then those whose backgrounds are a good fit we set up for 10-minute virtual, screening interviews with you. After those screeners, you let us know who you’d like to invite to be interviewed by the hiring manager or hiring panel. No strings attached, though donations appreciated. This is simply another way we support our members. We want you to hire them!

To learn more about the Employer at Club program, and to get the process rolling, contact club Executive Director Shannon Mantrom at
or call her at 512-739-0214.

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