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“Leap to Success is an INSPIRED program! It allows job seekers opportunities to keep their skills (project management, web development, bookkeeping, graphic design, etc.) current during their job search while providing invaluable service to non-profit organizations. The epitome of a WIN-WIN scenario!”

Jeanne O, PMP

SWAT (Search With A Team)
previously called Career Liftoff Teams

SWATs are member-led teams of up to six in the same or similar field who are their own intimate networking group. Groups are provided a playbook as a guide to discussions and actions to take. Teams meet weekly to provide support to each team member, to share job leads, and to conduct mock interviews or practice salary negotiation. To register for a SWAT, click on the link below. Note: please review the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to find your job search category.

"Being part of the Career Liftoff group has helped me to create a discipline to job searching through the weekly target goals. The live session is a great venue to check in with your peers and get feedback about interviewing and job prospects"

Ana M

To learn more and join a team, click the button below. 

To compare pricing of other career coaching programs, click the button below. 

Professional conference table
Team Meeting


You can volunteer on a project team with the club’s signature program, Leap to Success. Leap to Success provides pro bono, short-term, professional projects assistance to other nonprofits so our members might keep their skills sharp, or acquire new ones, while seeking employment. Great addition to a resume, LinkedIn profile, and/or portfolio, and can help to smooth over any long employment gaps. Work gaps did not raise alarm bells as much during the pandemic, but as we leave Covid behind you’ll need that “gap story” ready sooner than later. Volunteering with Leap to Success can help to paper over a long work break.


Leadership and speaking skills are integral to finding and holding a job. And the skills gained from Toastmasters extend far beyond the job search. Toastmasters provides a safe place for challenging yourself and learning from making mistakes. It is a place for improving and expanding your skills. It has even been used for testing interviewing techniques and presentation for work as it helps you gain confidence and create a network of supportive friends.  
Imagine, a place to get constructive feedback with NO RISK.
For meeting information (dates & times), please see our club calendar using the button below.

Conference Speaker
Job Interview

“LPJC Toastmasters not only provides me with techniques to improve my speech both during interviews and at work, but also an extensive and diverse network of professionals and future friends.”

Graciela V.


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