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Our Mission & Vision

Launch Pad Job Club believes in the unconditional acceptance of all people. We denounce discrimination and stand in solidarity with those impacted by it and those working to end it.

Job Candidate


To create a career networking community that provides professional resources, support, accountability, and growth.

Job Candidate
Professional Attending a Seminar


Satisfactory employment for every member.
A federally recognized 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, Launch Pad Job Club holds a weekly, networking meeting and offers classes, programming, tools, and resources which assist the job seeker in how to seek their next job.

“A few of the things LPJC means to me are Encouragement, Learning, Inclusivity, and Optimism. In times like these it is sometimes hard to have a positive outlook on life. But I have found that LPJC has helped me navigate these rough waters.”


Graciela V.

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